ines_photo2I am an Associate Professor at the Department of Engineering and Public Policy. I also serve as co-Director for the Climate and Energy Decision Making (CEDM) Center. I am interested in solving problems that include environmental, technical, economic, and policy aspects, where traditional engineering approaches play an important role but cannot provide a complete answer. In particular, I am interested in assessing how energy systems are likely to evolve, which requires comprehensive knowledge not only of the technologies that can address future energy needs but also of the decision-making process followed by different agents in the economy.

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Recent Policy and Committee Activity

truck_editNational Research Council Committee on Assessment of Technologies for Reducing the Fuel Consumption of Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Phase 2, 2013-2016

This committee’s first report analyzes and provides options for improvements to the certification and compliance procedures for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles; reviews an updated analysis of the makeup and characterization of the medium- and heavy-duty truck fleet; examines the barriers to and the potential applications of natural gas in class 2b through class 8 vehicles; and addresses uncertainties and performs sensitivity analyses for the fuel consumption and cost/benefit estimates. Read the first report here.

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First year PhD student Priya Donti heavily engaged in energy and climate data rescue plan

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette features an article on Priya Donti’s efforts in the Data Rescue plan for EPA information targeted by the Trump Administration. “The strength of a democracy rests on the ability of all of its citizens to have access to data and decisions that will allow them to make their own informed choices,” Ms. Donti … Continue reading First year PhD student Priya Donti heavily engaged in energy and climate data rescue plan

Ines Azevedo Interviewed by WESA on Trump’s Clean Coal Plan

“‘Clean coal could only be clean coal if you have very aggressive air control technologies implemented and (are also) addressing the CO2 emissions by installing carbon capture and sequestration in parallel,’ [Azevedo] said. ‘But that’s really hard.’ “Azevedo said it’s hard because it’s expensive. Despite the fact that academics first began exploring carbon capture and … Continue reading Ines Azevedo Interviewed by WESA on Trump’s Clean Coal Plan

Climate Central Quotes Ines Azevedo

Bobby Magill quoted Ines Azevedo in his piece “Electricity’s Carbon Footprint in U.S. Shrinks, Sets Record”. “Climate pollution from generating electricity is now more than 24 percent below where it was in 2005, said Ines Azevedo, an associate professor of engineering and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University, whose research team’s Power Sector Carbon Index … Continue reading Climate Central Quotes Ines Azevedo

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